Doping Control Station and selection of the Sample Collection Kit.

Doping Control Station must guarantee the privacy and confidentiality of the Athlete as a minimum requirement.

It must include a separate area for administrative purposes where the Athlete chooses a container for the collection of the urine sample, ensuring that it is properly sealed. At least three containers must be available. The packaging must be intact. The Athlete may be asked to wash his hands thoroughly, but only with the use of water. Afterwards the Athlete must remove the container from the packaging. Adjacent to this area, there is a bathroom to produce the required biological sample. The regulations stipulate that the urine collection must take place under the surveillance. While producing the sample only the DCO and possibly another authorised DCO (in support of the first one) can be present.

If the Athlete is a minor or an impaired Person, a trusted person of the Athlete may also be present under request. In addition to the Sample Collection Personnel, only the summoned Athlete, a trusted person, or an interpreter, if necessary, and the Anti-Doping Investigation Inspectors of the Carabinieri Department for Health Protection and WADA observers, as well as observers from NADO Italia, are allowed in the Doping Control Station.

A minimum of 90 millilitres of urine is required for analysis.

The kit contains one bottle for sample A (red label) and one bottle for sample B (blue label), individually sealed. The code number on the packaging, bottles and caps must be identical.