The Principle of Strict Liability

Athletes are at the heart of clean sport. Their actions, behaviours and choices are fundamental as to ensure a doping-free sport.

The Principle of Strict Liability stipulates that Athletes are solely responsible for the presence of any banned substance in their organisms, regardless of how the substance got there or whether there was the intention to cheat.

As an Athlete it is therefore necessary to:

  • know and respect the anti-doping sporting rules;
  • always be willing to undergo doping controls;
  • take responsibility for what is ingested or consumed;
  • inform your Support Personnel that you are prohibited from using substances or methods prohibited under the WADA List;
  • ensure that any medical treatment you receive does not lead to an anti-doping rule violations;
  • inform NADO Italia and your International Federation of any anti-doping rule violations committed in the last ten years;
  • collaborate with NADO Italia in the investigation of anti-doping rule violations;
  • disclose the identity of its Support Personnel at the request of NADO Italia.